Melo Labs originated in Italy and is now bringing its’ unique set of products to the UK. We believe innovation and creativity are the key elements of our actions and all of our products incorporate a high degree of both. Product creativity and innovation, not the process is what drives us and will enable us to be the leaders of tomorrow.

We guarantee quality, professionalism with strict compliance regarding hygiene, environmental ethics, social responsibility and occupational safety. We place the individual at the center of our actions, believing that everyone is unique.

Through continued improvements in efficiency and the constant reduction of waste through the careful processes of the selection of raw materials and production techniques, our products are 100% recyclable because we use recycled materials in the first place. We are always ready to challenge ourselves and, if we come up with a better idea, we are prepared to carry it out.

As an equal opportunities employer, our people are at the center of our attention and are an essential element for our business. We encourage employees to express their potential and to exceed expectations, believing that only then are we ready to grow personally and professionally.