“This product is awesome”

Melo Labs recently introduced a revolutionary and unique set of products in to the UK market.  The UK’s first Finger Toothbrush for Adults and Kids has got everyone talking.  Whilst there are easily recognisable uses, we are really excited about a particular set of people who are finding the Finger Toothbrush to be invaluable and a real asset.  We have received some fantastic feedback from people who have tried the Finger Toothbrush with children and adults with Autism and who suffer from sensory difficulties.

We have complete admiration for parents with autistic children and young adults and the ongoing challenges they face.  We understand that a some can face particular when brushing their teeth as this requires increased sensory input or stimulation.  As Children with sensory issues feel things in a different way to a non-autistic developing child; textures, taste and smells can be distressing or upsetting and lead to other issues.

We have been enormously encouraged by feedback received from parents who have tried the IKO Finger Toothbrush which is specifically designed for children to use independently and to which they control.  The benefits are obvious, dental hygiene can be addressed and managed and there is no need for water or toothpaste as the IKO products releases fluoride to help balance the PH in the mouth.

“My son loved it. He prefers it to his toothbrush”

The extremely soft larger bristles make it much more comfortable and soothing to use allowing you to explore your mouth with your own finger rather than a conventional toothbrush.

Reports from parents state the benefits and we are so pleased that our unique product can help in a small way to overcome some major issues.  The IKO Kids Finger Toothbrush also comes in a choice of four different flavours; Strawberry, Apple, Banana and Orange.

The IKO is not to replace a conventional toothbrush but can in this instance and certainly help you on your way in fighting plaque, improving and moving forward with dental care.

The below testimonials are just some of the feedback that we have generated.

Chloe Symsey (Sensory Play Box)

I know the brushes have helped loads of the children/adults that received them in my boxes. I’ve been passing your website link on.

Leigh Dumpleton

It got Charlie to brush his teeth willingly for the first time in months (he brushed them 3 times yesterday and twice so far today). He’s been on ‘brush strike’ recently so came at the best time!

Charlie Larkins

My son loved it. He prefers it to his toothbrush. He asked to buy more!!

Jo Graham

It’s fantastic! He will now clean his teeth lol xxx

Micheal Gill

This product is awesome, especially in different flavours, my daughter loves the strawberry one and is now brushing her teeth daily making my life a lot easier. Thank You So Much!

Jon Pearson-Wood, Occupational Therapist

The samples have been a fantastic success. All the children I have trialled them with have instantly been happy using them and looking forward to using them again, including a couple of children that haven’t brushed their teeth willingly for years. I’ve had some very pleased and relived parents on my caseload recently