Walking barefoot and sleeping naked are meant to have incredible health benefits.  They seem like quite eccentric ideas, just like cleaning your teeth without water or toothpaste which is just how to use Melo Labs, IKO, our fingertip toothbrush which doesn’t require either.

Let’s explore these ideas in a little more detail.

Walking barefoot is known as “earthing” which puts your body in direct contact with electrons the earth gives off naturally.  These naturally occurring electrical charges are meant to benefit skin conductivity, moderate your heart rate, improve glucose regulation and reduce stress and boost your immune system.

Everyone knows that a good night sleep is essential to good health but what about sleeping in the buff?  Going au naturel whilst in bed helps to lower skin temperature without changing the temperature of the bedroom which in turn decreases the amount of times you wake up at night.  Keeping cool also speeds up your metabolic rate which helps to burn fat keeping you slim and healthier.

Cleaning your teeth without water or toothpaste using Melo Labs IKO, our fingertip toothbrush is the best way to keep your gums and teeth healthy – on the go, where ever you are.  With fluoride, fresh menthol and an anti-bacterial agent to keep it free from 99% of germs it’s the best stripped-down version of a conventional toothbrush.  So, give it a go and let us know.