Every generation dances to its’ own tune and the current generation is no exception. Every decade can claim a dance that captures the zeitgeist of its time and captures the attention of the people who embody the time they live in. So, what does the FLOSS DANCE say about the children of today? Does it mean that they like cleaning and flossing their teeth? All of us at Melo Labs certainly hope so but let’s start by trying to explain how you perform this little dance move? Essentially, the move involves swinging your hips in the opposite direction to your arms and then back again by repeating the action on the opposite side.

Sounds easy? Well, it isn’t!!! Flossing your teeth is easier so, we hope you will encourage your children to try iLO, the best dental floss money can buy. Melo Labs iLO stretch dental floss is the perfect accompaniment to any dance move and easily slides through the tightest spaces or largest gaps. Each pack of iLO comes with 3 noodles that can be used up to 60 times each and, freshens your breath with menthol after each use. It’s 100% recyclable with a natural anti-bacterial agent imbedded in each strand so, it’s also hygienic. Make iLO part of your dance routine.