We Brits love to go camping and now is the time to dust off the tent and the inflatable mattress and pack the minivan.  If you’re a well-seasoned camper, you’ll know what to take and where to go, but what about the novice camper who hasn’t got a clue? What are the 10 essential things they should take to ensure you’re a happy camper?

  1. Some sort of navigation tool like a map or a compass
  2. Sun protection like suntan lotion and sunglasses
  3. Extra clothing and blankets
  4. A torch or headlamp
  5. First aid kit and extra supplies
  6. Something to make a fire with and to keep it going like a candle
  7. Repair kits for inflatable mattresses and bicycle tires.
  8. Food – and lots of it!!
  9. Water and other drinks for hydration
  10. Shelter for both comfort and in an emergency.

Melo Labs UK thinks you should add a few more items to that list.  Iko original and iko Kids, Melo Labs fingertip toothbrush are the perfect accompaniments to any camping holiday as you don’t need water or toothpaste to use it and can be used up to 100 times.   Simply slip it on your finger and glide it over your teeth and gums in the comfort of your own tent.  You’ll never have to brave the communal bathroom facilities again.  Happy camping!!