What should you take on a first day

It’s as relevant a question in today’s challenging dating environment as it was back in our parents and grandparent’s day. We are of course, a little biased here at Melo Labs UK because we think taking an IKO original finger toothbrush ensures you have fresh breath, clean teeth and gums before during and after the date has ended. But what do others think are the essentials to bring?

We scoured the web and found the five most important things the “experts” think you should take along with you.

1. Handkerchief. Cleaned and pressed of course to clean spills and mishaps along the way. After all, accidents never happen in a perfect world.

2. Mints. They are a good quick fix but what if the date carries on until the next morning?

3. Cash. Don’t rely on your debit card to get you through the evening. Finding a cash machine can be as rare as hen’s teeth in some parts of the city and countryside. Cash is King!

4. Umbrella. Our weather is unpredictable so getting up close and cuddly during a Spring shower may just be the ice breaker you were both looking for.

5. Condoms. Dare we say it? We just did! Better safe than sorry.

Melo Labs wishes every hopeful singleton looking for love the best of luck but don’t forget to bring with you the best travel toothbrush money can buy, IKO original with fresh menthol, fluoride and packed in its own discreet carrying case. Be safe, have fun and long live love!