Another Wimbledon Champions League tournament is upon us and everyone here at Melo Labs UK is excited to start watching the tennis.  This year, even without Andy Murray, ought to be a riveting affair with a lot of incredible tennis to watch.

Wimbledon began in the 1870’s as a simple tournament of 22 men and a crowd of only 200 to watch Spencer Gore to become the first Champion.  Picking a winner is hard every year and since its history there have regularly been surprise winners like Virginia Wade in 1977 and Goran Ivanisevic in 2001.

The surprise champions are what make the tournament even more exciting.  Melo Labs likes a surprise winner – much like our own fingertip toothbrush it will surprise you with it’s winning formula of fluoride, menthol and an anti-bacterial agent to rid it of 99% of germs.  Iko original travel toothbrush is down the line all the way with a kick serve that will throw the competition off its serve.

So, take a chance with Melo Labs Iko original or iLO stretch dental floss.  We’re the wild card of the toothbrush world and sure to make your volley spin.  It’s match point for Melo Labs. See you at centre court!!