It’s a Dogs Life

It’s official, it’s a dog’s life.  We have now entered the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese Zodiac.  So, what can we expect?

Dogs are considered loyal and highly perceptive creatures.  In Chinese Astrology, the Earth Dog is very kind, a good communicator and works efficiently with others.  If you’re an Earth Dog, and you work like a dog this year, 2018 could be prosperous for you.

Recently Melo Labs participated in the NEC Spring Fair in Birmingham.  We had a ball and met some really great people, both buying and selling. Interestingly enough, the idea of a finger toothbrush for dogs entered our conversation.  When you get talking to like-minded people creating interesting products like ours, the subject of inventing new products inevitably comes up.  Is it a good idea?  Well, we’ll have to give it some serious consideration so watch this spot!  A few of us at Melo have pet dogs so we know how hard it is to clean their teeth.  Dogs can be a bit like children, if they don’t want to do something, it’s virtually impossible to convince them.  So, we’re getting our thinking caps on and may just come up with something that’ll help you take care of your best friend.  

Melo Labs UK is working to give you an alternative to conventional brushing.  We bring convenience and innovation to your daily dental routine.  We’re not advocating you chuck the conventional tooth brush, just give one of our finger toothbrushes a whirl in between business meetings, before a PTA meeting or freshen up seconds before that all-important interview.  Iko will freshen your breath, gently clean your teeth and gums and improve the overall PH of your mouth.  Hot Dog!!