Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Throughout the world, the standards by which we judge what is considered beautiful have dramatically changed over time. In the west in centuries past, men and women were considered more beautiful if they were a little, shall we say, rotund and voluptuous compared to the current trend for thin, waifish and athletic physiques.

Plump, think dark skin, light skin, blonde hair or brunette our attitudes have change dramatically. Even our teeth aren’t immune to changing standards of beauty. Take for instance the trend in Japan for crooked teeth. Apparently Japanese men think women and girls who don’t possess straight knashers are more approachable so, many Japanese women are resorting to surgery to un-straighten their teeth. Strange but true. Another niche trend hitting the streets is having pronounced incisors or fangs highlighted by films such as Twilight. Who would have thought glamourous vampires would be influencing our idea of a beautiful set of teeth?

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So, before you don your dental diamond stud or 24 carat gold grills, get on or our iko original finger toothbrushes. It’s sure to keep you smiling.