Burns Night

Up in the morning’s no for me,

Up in the morning early;

When a’ the hills are cover’d wi’ snaw,

I’m sure its winter fairly.

So said Robert Burns more than 200 hundred years ago.  I’m sure our 18th century brethren felt much the same as we do today about getting out of bed on a cold January morning.  Why are bears the only ones allowed to hibernate?  Getting back into the swing of working life and social life when money is tight, and the days are still so short can be a daunting prospect.  We would all rather pull the duvet over our heads and leave the winter to its own devices.

So, Melo Labs thinks it’s time to start planning a holiday.  It’s never too early.  A short trip to the ski slopes or a city break somewhere without snow and freezing rain can lift the spirits.   How about a far-flung sojourn to somewhere exotic like Thailand or Nepal?  Just don’t forget to pack for it.  Take your travel toothbrush and a few home luxuries.  

If that all seems too far away, there’s always Burns Night to look forward to.  Prepare your Selkirk Grace, the haggis and make sure you have plenty of whisky to wash it all down with and remember what the Scots say, It’s a lang road that’s no goat a turnin.’