Cause I’m A Woman

“Cause I’m a woman!!  International Women’s Day takes place on the 8th March this year.  Each year the IWD chooses a theme and this year the theme is Press for Progress.  There is always a strong call to action to get entire communities to unite and campaign for gender parity.  It won’t happen in one day so the IWD work tirelessly throughout the year to campaign for women’s rights worldwide.  Events are taking place from London to Lagos and everyone is welcome to take part.

Every day we should remind ourselves of the varied roles women play in our lives.  Women really do press for progress in our homes, in our schools, hospitals and offices so who better to salute women than Melo Labs with its own progressive group of finger toothbrushes for adults and children.  After all, it’s usually women that take care of the family and keep them healthy. It’s usually women that break new ground, try new things and make them work.

Peggy Lee summed it up with her 1962 song ‘Cause I’m A Woman’. It’s a song about how much woman multi-task and manage a variety of roles.  It may be a little old-fashioned sounding to our 21st century ears but the message still rings true.  W – O – M – A – N, I’ll say it again!