Flower Power


Since Ancient times, people have been using plants to treat illness and while searching for the right plant have discovered that plants can do more than just heal the sick.  Plants are transformative in so many ways, they kill bacteria that cause illness in the first place so have been used as cleaning agents for centuries.  Flowers, barks, seeds, fruits and leaves are the obvious go to plant parts which human beings have sought to make medicines.  So, what about lichens?  We’ve all seen lichen growing on trees and ancient stone monuments, but being so discreet, most of us hardly even consider them as plants.

Lichens are one of the most ancient plant species on earth.  They produce something called usnic acid that naturally kill bacteria.  Usnic acid is what we use in IRO, Melo Labs toothbrush cover which we’re proud to say, kill 99% of germs found on conventional toothbrushes.  It’s all down to that tiny ancient plant, lichen.

The Melo Labs IRO toothbrush cover like IKO, our finger toothbrush is innovative in their approach to health and wellness and all use plants in one form or another.  We believe plants are the future, just like our ancient ancestors did.