For the enzymes they are a-changin’ !!

There are reports out this week by the BBC and SKY news that British scientists have engineered (accidentally) an enzyme which can digest PET plastic which is commonly used in single use plastic bottles and other forms of packaging.  This new mutant enzyme has the ability to break down PET (polyethylene terephthalate) in a matter of weeks rather than leaving it to nature to do the job which would take hundreds of years.

Melo Labs UK salutes our amazing British scientists and hope we will see more breakthroughs like this one.  Melo Labs UK is committed to reducing plastic waste and other forms of waste that are thrown in the environment, especially our oceans.  Melo Labs IKO original finger toothbrush is made from a polymer that is 100% recyclable and, if it finds its way into a local councils’ incinerator (as is the policy of some local councils in the UK) it will not release any harmful chemicals into the environment.  All our packaging is recyclable and we’re proud of that fact.

Plastic waste is now considered the largest and most dangerous environmental concern of our age.  In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the biggest concern was the polluting of our waterways by heavy industry.  We wouldn’t think to allow this to happen in the 21st century so, let’s all do our part to make single use plastic packaging a part of the past.  A cleaner future is in our hands, let’s grab it with gusto, for the enzymes they are a-changin’ !!