Happy Birthday!

So much of our modern society is based around the cult of celebrity.  The Great British public devour mountains of printed and on-line content about a whole host of people from the top of the social pile to those just visible at the very bottom.  We sometimes forget that occasionally one or two come along that really inspire us with their creativity and talent.   So, Melo Labs UK would like to wish two of these people, Barry Humphries (Dame Edna Everage) and Ed Sheeran a very Happy Birthday today.

Both inspire millions with their innovative creative talent.  They are two people to really make noise

about.  We’ve cried with laughter for decades at Dame Edna’s antics and swoon at the sound of Ed Sheeran’s songs and acoustic guitar playing.  

Here at Melo Labs UK, we believe innovation and creativity are the key elements of our actions and all our products like our soft finger toothbrush and stretch dental floss incorporate a high degree of both. Product creativity and innovation, not the process is what drives us and will enable us to be the leaders of tomorrow.

So once again, Happy Birthday Barry and Ed and each and everyone of you who share this special day with them.  May you feel inspired in all parts of your life, today and every day.