We know children are happy when they are smiling!

Mums and Dads often find it difficult to get their young children to adopt good personal hygiene habits.  Washing behind their ears, drying between their toes and cleaning their teeth are all important lessons we need to teach our children.  Making sure they get into the swing of a good dental cleaning routine can be a chore and can lead to screaming tantrums.  Nobody has time for that.  What should parents do to get their children to make this part of their daily routine whilst making it fun?

Some experts in child behaviour suggest making a game out of the task and setting a good example by participating in the activity along with them.  Melo Labs UK has introduced the IKO Kids Finger Toothbrush in four delicious natural flavours, strawberry, apple, banana and orange.  Suitable for children 6 and over, it fits easily on their finger, it’s gentle to their teeth and gums and doesn’t require toothpaste or water to use.  Children often find a foaming menthol flavoured toothpaste a little unpalatable and the idea of swallowing anything they dislike the taste of so, IKO Kids is the perfect learning tool.

Fluoride is toxic to humans so IKO Kids has a low 300ppm fluoride count which won’t get absorbed into their gums or swallowed, like conventional toothpaste does.  It can be used anywhere, at grandmas, on the playground, in the car…. just about anywhere.  Because it has an antibacterial agent imbedded in the patented polymer and has its very own reusable carrying case, it’s healthy and safe to use.  So, get your little ones an IKO Kids finger toothbrush and an IKO original for yourself and share the experience of clean teeth and healthy gums with your children.  Melo Labs knows your children are happy when they’re smiling!