Let’s all go on an adventure!

What will be the big travel trends in 2018? There are lots of ways to spend your holiday time. Since the clocks went forward, we’re all busy planning our holidays and there seems to be as much thought going into WHAT we’re going to do as WHERE we’re going to do it. Some people just can’t fathom the idea of lying on a beach somewhere.

One of the trends that is about to see a shift in emphasis is the adventure category. Adventure holiday goers are thinking less about adrenaline fuelled adventures like exploring, sandboarding, caving and rock climbing and demanding a more experience-based holiday like learning about a different culture or cooking classes with street food vendors in Vietnam.

The Melo Labs Iko Travel Toothbrush is the perfect adventure holiday companion. Lightweight, hygienic, eco-friendly with a low dose of fluoride means it’s safe and super easy to use and store away. The natural antibacterial agent is embedded into the polymer, so it stays clean and bacteria free. Pop one on your finger and brush your teeth and gums with the smooth, soft bristles. The fresh menthol will leave your mouth smelling clean. It can be used up to 100 times and can be fully recycled.

So, pack your backpack and freshen up on the go!