May Day

We love flowers, so, it seems quite appropriate for us here at Melo Labs UK to wish everyone a Happy May Day since the earliest May Day celebrations centred around flowers. In ancient Rome, Floralia, the goddess of flowers was celebrated with a festival of flora. Since Roman times until the present day, May Day continues to be observed by western cultures in a variety of different ways with the observance of the coming summer season and the restorative flower being the central symbolic feature in most festivities. May Poles are wrapped in Germany and England by youths adorned with flowers, In Italy, the singing of songs and the handing out of bunches of flowers is customary and in Greece, people buy wreaths of flowers and leaves and place them on the entrance of their family home or balcony and leave them there until Midsummer night. Melo Labs UK uses the power of flowers and plant extracts as key ingredients in their IKO original finger toothbrush by tapping into the restorative properties of mint and the antibacterial effects of lichen extract to create our distinctive one of a kind soft to the touch toothbrush.

Flowers have such a positive effect on us. We are drawn to their colour, form and above all their perfume so it makes perfect sense for us at Melo Labs to use them in our products whenever we can. Happy May Day