The perfect gift for the girl on the go


I’ve done a lot of travel this year and I take beauty on-the-go very seriously. Being a beauty blogger sometimes means that my case is so heavy not due to clothes but because of the many beauty essentials I need to take with me on my trips! Trying to stay fresh while travelling, especially when taking a long-haul flight is hard but I do have some tricks up my sleeve that help to keep you feeling fresh on-the-go. When you feel clean you just feel better, you know what I mean?

In my carry-on I usually pack wet wipes, a hydrating mist, moisturiser, mini face wash, lip balm, antibacterial hand gel and a hand cream. In regards to make-up I generally carry a sample-size foundation, mascara and lipstick. It really depends on who is meeting me on the other side! Another essential that I never go without is a toothbrush. Honestly you can be clean and fresh but if your teeth feel dirty then you can never feel fully clean.

Enter the iko Finger Toothbrush from Melo Labs. It is hardly bigger than an SD card and can fit anywhere, even in your pocket whilst on the go. It’s made of a soft, flexible material and just slips over your fingertip so you can brush while travelling. It releases fluoride with each use and you can use it without any toothpaste or water! I love that it’s really discreet so you can simply use it anywhere and it’s really easy to use as well.

I for one hate that ‘gross’ feeling you get on the plane when you have been sitting for hours eating and drinking and have nowhere to brush your teeth. I actually took this little toothbrush on a recent trip to give a go and I have to say I was super impressed at the ease in which I could clean my teeth. The little finger brush also comes with a little case so you can just slip it back inside when you are through making no mess at all.

And in fact, I realised that I don’t even need to consider using this only for travel. I’m also keeping it in my purse for on-the-go teeth cleaning during the day too. For example, I love Korean food but it has a lot of garlic. So, last weekend after eating quite a hefty load of kimchi for lunch (oops), I used the iko Finger Toothbrush to clean my teeth afterwards because I had a meeting and I was concerned about garlic breath! The good thing as well about the iko Finger Toothbrush is that you can use it 100 times – yes, 100 times! That’s money well spent don’t you think?

If you are searching for the perfect stocking fillers for Christmas then this is certainly a great option for the stocking of a frequent traveler or someone who is constantly on the move. It’s a unique gift that will definitely be appreciated – I know I’ve appreciated mine since I’ve had it!

iKO (RRP £6.00) and iKO Kids are stocked in Harvey Nichols and all products are sold online at

18 December 2017