The definition of the word “unconventional” is described as:


1. Not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed. “his unconventional approach to life”

Synonyms: unusual, irregular, unorthodox, unfamiliar, uncommon, uncustomary, unwonted, atypical, distinctive, free spirited, alternative, different.

Melo Labs UK proudly wears it unconventional badge of honour with pride. We relish in the fact that our soft to the touch finger toothbrush doesn’t conform to conventions of teeth cleaning? We’re proud that our patented polymer is not generally the sort of device that you would find in most people’s travelling case or bathroom cabinet but we’re 100% sure that once you try it, you’ll be hooked and will go back for another one, or maybe even treat your children to one too. Or, perhaps try ILO, our unorthodox but highly effective stretch dental floss. It may be unfamiliar to you now but we’re confident that though, atypical, it will become part of your free spirited dental routine. We know that cleaning your teeth between meals can often be problematic but not with IKO, you can use it anywhere, anytime because you don’t need water or toothpaste. It has everything for healthy teeth and gums, fluoride, fresh menthol and an anti-bacterial agent keeping it clean. After use, slip it back into its own carrying case.

So, don’t follow convention, stand out from the crowd and let Melo Labs IKO finger toothbrush become part of your daily dental routine.