Wet or Dry

A recent on-line BBC report highlighted a conversation on Twitter about toothbrush and toothbrushing etiquette.  Do you wet your toothbrush before or after you apply toothpaste?

Who knew this topic would garner so much debate, but it seems to have had a really impassioned response.  A lot of column inches have been spent on how to brush, how long and when to maximise the benefits.

Most experts at least agree that you should brush twice a day for 2 minutes each time using a fluoride toothpaste.  The question is, with or without water?  The jury’s out and most of us think it’s just a personal preference.  Using Melo Labs IKO finger toothbrush allow you to brush wherever you are at any time of the day.  We think brushing should be easy, so we’ve made it simple.  No water or toothpaste required, it has fluoride and an antibacterial agent to keep the polymer clean and free of nasties.  

You can even use it up to 100 times and everything is fully recyclable, including the packaging.

So, join the debate!  Why not drop us a line at info@melolabs.co.uk and let us know how you brush, how often and what your technique is.  We’ll compile our findings and publish the results.