What is wellness?

We have all heard of the catchword “wellness”, it’s everywhere and batted around by every health and fitness guru in town.  So, what exactly is wellness?  According to most, it’s a process of physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being and if you achieve it, or something close to it, you can be happier, healthier and more successful.

Melo Labs UK would like to contribute to your journey towards wellness by offering a fun, healthy and easy way to achieve clean teeth and healthy gums with IKO, our finger toothbrush and ILO, our stretchable dental floss.  Both have fresh menthol, fluoride and an antibacterial agent imbedded in the polymer which will leave your mouth feeling fresh, the natural way.  You’ll also feel good about the fact that all the packaging and the polymer can be fully recycled.

Wellness can take many different paths with a lot people offering advice and a cornucopia of products on offer to help you along the way.  The bottom line is, wellness is different for everyone.  Whatever works for you should be explored, tried, tested and re-tested.  It may lead you in loads of different directions before you get where you think you want to be but, as the saying goes, every journey starts with a first step.  Have a safe journey but most importantly, enjoy yourself along the way.