What makes a great product?


There is a dizzying array of new and new and improved products on the market.  As consumers, we have never had such a wonderful variety of things to buy and to experience.  However, some, like pop songs are one hit wonders, never to appear on our shelves for more than a few years.  So, what makes a great product?

Let’s look at Melo Labs, iKO fingertip toothbrush and see what it has that no other dental product can boast?   IKO is like one stop shopping, it has everything you need at your fingertips, fluoride, menthol to keep your breath fresh, an anti-bacterial agent to keep it free from 99% of germs, a convenient carrying case so you can take it with you where ever you go, it can be used up to 100 times, it is fully recyclable, even the packaging and most extraordinary, it doesn’t need water or toothpaste to use.

Sure, there are some products our there than can claim to have some of these unique selling points, but we can’t think of any that combine all of them into one.  So, what else do you need from the best travel toothbrush this side of the English Channel?  Here at Melo Labs UK, we say not much!