World oral health day

Melo Labs is joining in the celebrations of World Oral Health Day which takes place every year on 20th March.  WOHD is organised by The FDI World Dental Federation with each year having a different theme.  This year’s theme is ‘Say Ahh!’ which is what dentists’ usually ask their patients before a dental examination.

Melo Labs is sure you’ll say ahh after using iko, our finger toothbrush which has fresh menthol imbedded in the patented polymer.  The soft bristles will gently glide over your teeth and gums helping to maintain a healthy smile throughout the day.  Best of all, you can use it anywhere as it doesn’t require water or toothpaste.  Use it on the bus on your way to meet friends or before that important job interview.  It’s quick, easy and safe to use.

In the United Kingdom our dental health has significantly improved over the last 40 years.  Between 61% to 69% of adults in the UK visit the dentist regularly compared to 39% to 44% in 1978.  So, let’s continue that positive upward trend.  Melo Labs believes using iko, our finger toothbrush and ilo our stretch floss will significantly improve your dental health and overall wellbeing.  That’s surely enough to make you SAY AHH!!